Lunch in Schools Programme

Temuka Primary School is taking part in the Ministry of Educations Lunch in Schools Programme.

The company that will be producing the meals are Libelle Group and they are based in Timaru. They bring the lunches out 10 minutes before our lunch break. You can view information about Libelle and the latest menus at LUNCH BY LIBELLE - Home.

We will need to know if your child has any food allergies. A modified meal will arrive for your child which will account for any allergies. All meals are peanut free.

A lunch will be delivered every day for every child in our school. We encourage you to not send lunch for your child and get them to eat what is delivered. You may feel your child is very fussy but the team that are delivering the meals have advised that in other schools where this programme has been in place, when the students see that everyone is eating the food, they will also eat it. There may be an adjustment period for some students however they will soon get into the swing of things and you may find they are willing to try new foods at home as well.

You child will still need to bring their morning tea and a piece of fresh fruit for Fit and Fruit.

If it is a sports day or school trip and we happen to be at the pool or in Timaru for instance during the lunch break, we will organise for the lunches to be delivered to the location where we are.