Here at Temuka Primary School we have a very busy Well Being and Vitality in Education (WAVE) team. The members of the WAVE team are Ella Ferguson, Sorayah Henwood, Ella Swete, Lauren Blackmore, Keira Shannon, Harris Bagrie and Ollie Wells. These students are working hard to improve the well being of all the students in our school, as well as learning some very valuable skills. Here are some stories that the team have written about their latest experiences.


Tree Planting

We were very lucky that WAVE donated to our school some money for us to buy fruit trees to add to our school gardens. We already had four trees in the garden but were pleased that Tania our School Caretaker was able to buy fifteen more. One Friday lunchtime we got together with our spades and gardening gloves to plant them. The trees we planted were, peach, feijoa, cherry, and apple and we scattered them around our garden.  Tania sprayed the ground with purple paint and then we dug the square hole for each of them. We had to carefully remove the trees from their container because we didn’t want to break the roots. We watered the hole and placed them carefully in the ground. We need to reme  mber to look after them by watering them until at least autumn next year. We also had some blueberry trees but we won’t plant these until the air and ground temperature is warmer.  We were really proud of our work and the trees look stunning. We look forward to eating some to the fruit that they will produce maybe next summer.

This article was written together by Ollie Wells Year 6, Sorayah Henwood Year 5, Lauren Blackmore Year 5 and Harris Bagrie Year 5.

Pumpkin Soup Making

Last year the WAVE team grew some pumpkins and this year the WAVE team picked them.  A couple of weeks later we met in the MP room to chop them up, lots of people cut themselves with the knife on accident.  The next day we started to make pumpkin soup and the ingredients we used are pumpkins, parsley, onion and chicken stock.  Ollie had to ring his mum to bring the stick blender so we could mix the soup up.  When it was ready we got a plastic cup and a spoon from the staff room and we got to taste the soup, it was delicious!!  After that we put the soup into large containers and gave it to a family in need.  We loved making pumpkin soup it was fun delicious and amazingly yummy.

This article was written together by Keira Shannon Year 5 and Ella Swete Year 6